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 Well I guess it all started back in my home state of New Jersey as I’m sure you know  we have our very own legend  the legend known as the jersey devil now this is one legend or monster that has  had my attention for years. It from a very young age Along with a not to long ago I’ve had my own kind and encounter but not just me some friends some family even sometimes by myself.  So now the M.IA is on a mission To look for the truth and see what is real and what is fake but most of all we’re here to help you out so if you have a story for or you have one of these legend/monsters Or other paranormal that’s bothering you then we are the people you want to contact. 

But what actually started this Monsters Investigators of America was myself and my younger son he just like myself is intrigued by the legends and the monsters of this beautiful country of ours. It’s  our goal to separate fact from fiction or he helps me with the tech that helps us find out the facts as for myself and friends of mine we do the tracking part.

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